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In order to meet people, who are interested in silk painting, I organize seminars and workshops for very different audience – ones are quite close to arts, others have nothing common with arts in general, but have feeling, they can and want express themselves through art … We meet in very different places – schools, universities, art studios, just outside towns and their buzz in nice and calm places like forests, parks, river or sea -sides – wherever place is comfortable for everybody to come, participate and expand, liberate everybody’s creativeness. As the main task and important thing, that I always emphasize on my workshops to all my students is very good self-feeling and believe in treasure, we all have and can express through painting, colors, simple hand movements and heart beating.

First part of workshops usually is theory of silk painting, introducing people with all material, we are going to use during silk painting workshop. The biggest part of workshop time is dedicated to practice – people paint themselves independently on silk with my help and support, advice, if this is needed or wanted. This way students and participants realize, understand and see, they really can paint and express themselves through this art in very nice, emotional, sometimes lyrical, sometimes passionate, but always very nice – journey – way!
Thank You for Your time ! Hope to meet You soon on my workshop.

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Tapymas ant šilko virto džiaugsminga savirealizacijos forma. Kurdama kalbu spalvomis, linijomis, formomis. Natūralus šilkas nepaprasta medžiaga. Jo plazdėjimas, švytėjimas ir lengvumas yra tikras ir su jokia kita medžiaga nesulyginamas. Šilko kūriniai gali virsti unikalia dovana mylimam, artimam žmogui, padėka, atsidėkojimas...